Links for the Weekend, 9

20180714_1624591Hello friends, we made it. The weekend is upon us and we don’t have to think about work emails until Monday morning, or Sunday night if you’re anything like me.

I hope you’re able to take some time this weekend to recharge your batteries, do something fun and/or new, and reconnect with friends. Make it a good one!


Food News

  • I really didn’t need any more reasons to love it, but here are 14 Ways Basil is Good for You, according to Food & Wine. Plus they give you some recipe ideas to use up your basil (I will definitely be checking them out because we currently have an overabundance in our garden!).
  • I call this link food-adjacent news, but I could definitely use the advice so I assume some of you will benefit as well: How to Keep Your Cats off Your Counters. Don’t worry, we always sanitize our counters before cooking, but our little rascals are always up there no matter how much we tell them “no,” so I’m hoping some of the tips in this article will help us!

Bookish News

  • If you detested The Catcher in the Rye as much as I did, I think you will love The 100 Best 1-Star Reviews of The Catcher in the Rye. You’re welcome.
  • It was the anniversary of Jane Austen’s death last week and in honor of our beloved patron saint of Regency romance, you should check out Drunk Austen. This Facebook page, run by an amazing duo of women, posts some of the funniest and interesting content, all having to do with the Regency period and/or Jane herself. They even have a podcast!

Life News

  • Over the past couple days, I’ve posted some highlights from our trip to the Shenandoah Valley and on day three, I talked about how Monticello recently started being honest about Sally Hemings’ life. If you don’t know who Sally Hemings was, or you want to know why Monticello finally started to be honest about her life, I suggest you check out this article.
  • I heard about a new documentary about triplets that were separated at birth, Three Identical Strangers, on the radio a couple weeks ago, and now I’m obsessed with this story. There are so many weird details that cannot just be coincidences. Until I’m able to go and see it unfold on the big screen, I’ll have to be satisfied with this HuffPost article.


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