Links for the Weekend, 8

Welcome to the weekend! Well, almost. At least it’s Friday 🙂

I hope you were able to check out my recipe post yesterday about a 3-ingredient pie that will knock your socks off. If not, you should check it out now and treat your future self to some pie for making it to the weekend!


Food News

  • If you’re an avid food-blog reader, you’ve probably heard of Molly Yeh (pronounced yay) of My Name is Yeh. And if you haven’t, I think you need to check out both her blog and her amazing cookbook, Molly on the Range because they’re both awesome. She’s bubbly, fun, and insanely adorable, and so is her food. She also recently started her own Food Network show called Girl Meets Farm, and a lot of the food sites have been featuring her in some form or another for weeks now. Over at Apartment Therapy they’ve rounded up some of the home and kitchen essentials she loves, and all I can say is I have quite a few new things added to my wishlist!
  • Have you tried Smitten Kitchen’s blackberry cheesecake galette? It looks amazing and I want to stuff the whole thing into my face as fast as possible. It’s definitely going to the top of my Recipes To Try list.

Bookish News

  • There is a book written in 1915, called Herland, which features a truly iconic feminist utopia. Bustle did an article about it recently, and now I have to go and find it in print somewhere. Has anyone heard of/read this book before?
  • We may be getting another version of The Witches! I definitely didn’t like what they did to the beloved children’s book for the last movie version, so I’m cautiously optimistic that this one will be better. A girl can dream, right?

Life News

  • Who knew there were so many differences between British and American weddings? Surprisingly, British weddings (not the royal ones, the everyday-people ones) seem so much more relaxed than American ones, but maybe that’s just me. The linked article does a good job of comparing them and highlighting some important details.
  • I love a good murderino-type story, especially if it’s written by a woman and doesn’t involve the raped and murdered woman trope that is all over publishing these days. This article by Anna Klassen is so well written, I can’t wait until one of her movies is produced and the world gets to witness her genius.


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