Links for the Weekend, 6

Welcome to Wednesday my friends. This week I have gathered some links that will make you think and should hopefully give you a new perspective on something. Cheers to the rest of the week!

Food News

  • Travel and Leisure magazine just released their picks for the Top 25 BBQ Restaurants in the country, and, lucky me(!), #25 is right in our town! If you ever find yourself near Souderton, Pennsylvania, make sure to check out Jessie’s BBQ!
  • Unless you’re a vegan, I bet you love a crispy chicken cutlet as much as the rest of us. If so, this list of 4 Crispy Chicken Dinners will hopefully inspire you with a new take on this dinnertime favorite.

Bookish News

  • I love a good memoir. This list of 8 Memoirs about Women with Unconventional Jobs looks like it’s right up my alley. Which one of these looks most interesting to you?
  • Speaking of memoirs and non-fiction writing, Liz Block has a new book out which will help you to heal through writing. Perhaps you should check out this article and interview? I know I’ll definitely be getting the book soon!

Life News

  • My mom, in an attempt to make me smile, would often call me Daria when I was a moody teenager. Little did she know that Daria was my icon, and instead of it being an insult, calling me Daria was akin to calling me a princess. Let’s take a look back at the queen herself in Bitch magazine’s article.
  • These past few weeks have been full of news that pulls my heart through my chest. I may not be a mom yet, but I cannot imagine having a child taken away; it makes my heart ache. In the wake of this unbelievable circumstance we American’s find ourselves in, I opt to look to the future. When I do eventually have children, I’ll make sure to reference this article on Raising Empathetic Children to ensure that my future kids will make the emotional and moral capacity to see and acknowledge the pain of people around them.

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