Links for the Weekend, 5

It’s been a busy week for me so far. We’ve had a wonderful party to celebrate my sister-in-law and the impending arrival of a nephew, we’ve worked in the garden and gotten deliciously dirty, in the most satisfying way (just check out the dirt line on Joe’s ankles), and I’ve tutored until 8 Monday and Tuesday and am doing some more today and tomorrow. But the weekend is so close I can almost feel it. Here are some links to check out to help us get through the rest of it:

Food News

  • Who knew there were so many rules to brunch: The 10 Brunch Commandments? I’m almost glad I don’t live in the city, because I don’t think I’d be able to keep all of them straight. But, seriously though, these rules seem to be pretty self-explanatory, like not parking at a table for hours on end when your brunch spot is super busy.
  • I’ve read quite a few articles about the history behind the anti-MSG hysteria, but The Truth About MSG tackles it from a purely food-perspective.
  • I could always use some Easy Ideas for Broccoli. Some weeks it feels like it’s the only vegetable in existence in our house, lol.

Bookish News

  • The amazing creators of Always Take Notes are creating a podcast. If you can, please contribute!
  • I love this writing advice from the incomparable Virginia Woolf
  • I was at a baby “sprinkle” for my sister-in-law this weekend and everyone was talking about the new movie Book Club. I had never heard of it so I made sure to check out the trailer and I think it looks so funny. My Mom and I will probably end up going to see it together, but, until then, here are some actual Books that Book Clubs Can’t Stop Talking About

Life News

  • Speaking of the movie Book Club, here are some reasons why movies with Older Female Characters Resonate with Millennial Women
  • I’ve longed to travel to Iceland. Here are 10 Amazing Rentals for when I finally get there.
  • “We all start out joyful, but as we get older, being colorful or exuberant opens us up to judgment. Adults who exhibit genuine joy are often dismissed as childish or too feminine or un-serious or self-indulgent, and so we hold ourselves back from joy…” This TED talk, Where Joy Hides, was so interesting and eye-opening. I think you’ll find something quite joyful about it as well.

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