Links for the Weekend, 4

20180421_153157.jpgHello friends.

This week I’ve been trying to get myself used to an actual blogging “schedule” so that I can bring you more of the content that you’re interested in! While I wrestle with everything that entails, I bring you think week’s links. I hope they give you something interesting to think about, or bring you a new way to think about Sundays.


Food News

  • This author’s 3 Issues with GBBO makes me almost angry. Almost. I mean, as a self-professed hater of cooking television, how can she then turn around and pass judgement on something she already inherently hates? It would be like me passing judgement on wrestling or something else I’m not a fan of (no offense to wrestling fans, I just am not into it). It makes no sense to bring that negativity into the world. Any other GBBO fans rightly upset about this article?
  • I often start my day with a green smoothie, so I’ll definitely be trying out some of the recipes in this collection: Healthy Breakfast Smoothies Spanning the Rainbow. Which ones are you going to try?

Bookish News

  • By now you’ve probably seen the that there was a little wedding that happened this past weekend; something about a young actress named Megan and a ginger-bearded fella named Harry? Well, back in the day, before she married Prince Harry, Megan Markle had a lifestyle blog, The Tig. There, she shared Her Top 5 Book Picks for 2016. The only one from her list that I’ve read is The Little Prince, and, of course, it’s amazing. What about you; have you read any of the other books she suggests?
  • Whenever I’m planning out a road trip, I always look to see if there are any cool restaurants or bookish activities nearby. I think my next trip will be inspired by the list found here: Bookstores Worth Travelling To.

Home & Life News

  • I understand that for many, Sundays are a day of rest, but every so often, a Sunday of cleaning and organization is necessary to make sure the week ahead is prepped and less stressful. When you are able to pull yourself away from your latest read, Here’s What You Should be Doing on (the Occasional) Sunday.
  • I’m currently winding down the last year of my twenties, and I took this silly quiz to see how I should spend my birthday (it’s in September): How Should You Spend the Last Day of Your Twenties? It’s (clearly) an ad for some wine, but it made me start thinking about how I want to spend my birthday. Anyone have any ideas?

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