Links for the Weekend, 3

Welcome to Wednesday! You’ve made it this far in the week, and for that, you should be congratulated 😉

So, about the picture above, this is Apricot. He is our huge, ginger baby, and apparently, he’s started sitting in the sink when it just so happens to be empty, which I must admit, is not very often. Between making dinner, trying dessert recipes, and testing things to share with you in this space, we often have a sink full of dishes just wanting to be cleaned. It’s hard to keep up with it, but I bet you feel the same way too.

This week’s links cover everything from the proper way to eat cheese to the perfect email newsletter for the introverted woman in your life. I hope you enjoy what I’ve gathered for us to read today, and that you have a great rest of your week. Enjoy!

Food News

  • Before I finished my graduate degree, I took a class on Americans in Paris, which entailed reading about Hemingway and other 1920s writers, and yes, travelling to Paris. In an effort to try and bring the culture-level of the undergrads up a little bit before our date of departure (and to ensure that they didn’t make a visit to the Golden Arches every day), the professor brought in some cheeses, baguettes, and charcuterie, and told us to have at it. I was in heaven. But something I was surprised about what that no one was eating the rind of the brie cheese. All of these young 20-something kids were scooping out the center of the cheese and leaving the rind behind. I was appalled, so I can understand the author’s rage in this piece, Stop Leaving the Brie Cheese Rind Behind, You Monster. Let’s all learn a little cheese-eating etiquette, please?
  • After reading this article, I now have some new ways to approach vegetables: 10 Tips for Improving Your Vegetables. We could all use an excuse to up our vegetable-game, right?

Book News

  • Is anyone else irrationally upset by the Jane Eyre adaptation that came out a couple years ago? I mean, Mia Wasikowska as Jane Eyre is bad enough, but then Michael Fassbender as Mr. Rochester? They are both far too good-looking to be anywhere near true to the book. In the book, they’re both described as plain, or as in Mr. Rochester’s description, “…colourless, olive face, square, massive brow, broad and jetty eyebrows…firm, grim mouth…not beautiful, according to rule.” This article, Why TV and Film Glam up “Plain” Women in Books, delves into why characters are glammed up for the screen, and makes me feel like I’m not alone.
  • I consider myself quite the Harry Potter fan, but even I didn’t know some of the 10 Historical References that Everyone Missed. What about you, are there any that are a surprise?

Home & Life News

  • For the past couple months, each Friday morning I have been looking forward to receiving my weekly email from the creators of Girls’ Night In. In it, they link to some amazing articles, give spot-on book recommendations, and they feed my introverted soul with the things it needs (like solitude and self-care ideas). If you click the link, you can sign-up to receive this email too; I highly recommend it!
  • I love a goo bohemian vibe when it comes to decorating, but I’ve also been skewing towards minimalism, with a touch of Scandinavian, for some time now as well. So it seems fitting that this article popped up in my news feed the other day: The New Bohemian Style. It’s so hard to “define” our style, isn’t it? Since Joe and I moved into our new home in October, I’ve been trying to curate our home into a cohesive space that flows well from room to room, but it’s hard to do when you can’t knock down walls and open up the floor plan. I’ll certainly use these images as inspiration for some redecorating around the house.

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