Links for the Weekend, 2

This week is going to be a big one around the Petersen-Mathews household: Joe is graduating! After 3 years at Temple University, and a long time at community college before then, he is finally graduating with a double degree in Architecture and Architectural Preservation.

I have to let the world know how proud I am of him; he’s worked so hard to get this far and it’s only going to get better from here! He’s starting at the University of Pennsylvania in the fall for his Master of Architecture, and, again, I know he’s going to do amazing things with the couple years of schooling he has left.

OK, I’ve climbed off the mountain top after screaming my love and appreciation for the man in my life.

And now it’s time for some links. I hope that some of the stories below help you get through the rest of your week. They certainly caught my eye.

Food News

Bookish News

  • Mother’s Day (in the U.S.) is coming up. Do you know a mom who is Harry Potter obsessed? If you do, here are 37 Harry Potter Accessories to get for the woman you love.
  • As a self-professed Word Nerd, I fully appreciate this video of author John Green Explaining 42 Idioms. And it’s even better because just last night I was trying to explain what an idiom was to one of my ACT students. Next time, I will just point them over yonder.

Travel News

  • I’m still sifting through all of the photos from our recent cross-country road trip. I plan on writing up a couple posts about it, as well as some tips and tricks we discovered along the way. Until then, let’s look back at the winners of the 2017 National Geographic Travel Photo Contest. These are some of the most gorgeous travel photos I have ever seen. You should definitely check them out.

Life News

  • If you’re anything like me, then you love making lists. Perhaps you even have a Bullet Journal, or something like it to help you organize your day-to-day lists? Have you ever thought about what you should put on a “do not do” list? Well, here are 8 Things to Put on Your Do NOT Do Checklist, from the Bad Yogi.
  • Between having two jobs, plus devoting my time to writing and other creative outlets, my days have few free moments. Thus, much of my daily cleaning gets pushed aside for more important things, like deadlines, work, spending a few precious moments with Joe, and/or simple things like say, eating. Our house isn’t dirty per se, but I’m thinking that we should start adopting these 5 Secrets of People Whose Homes Are Always Clean; this way, cleaning won’t seem like such a chore for us on the weekends. Do any of you have any tips to keep your home clean when you’re up against other priorities?

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