Links for the Weekend, 1

I’m still working my way through the thousands of pictures we took on our road trip, and I came across this beauty:

Just look at that soft pretzel. And that beer cheese sauce? Oh man. Yes, please. This was taken while we were doing a mini beer tour of Charlotte, NC; we started here at Legion Brewing. Their beer was alright, it was a little too hoppy for my tastes, but their food was awesome.

Oh and don’t think I’m forgetting about those tacos. Tandoori Chicken Tacos to be precise. The shell was grilled naan bread, stuffed with tandoori-spiced grilled chicken, and smothered in a creamy yogurt-dressed cucumber basil slaw. Wow.

Whew, well now I’m hungry. While I go cook up some new recipes to share with you all, I hope you enjoy the links I’ve gathered for us this week.

Food News

  • First up is an article from the venerable Nigella Lawson: Home Cooking Can Be a Feminist Act. In it she talks about the history behind cooking being thought of as “women’s work,” and then there is a discussion of the creativity involved in cooking and that we should never think of ourselves as “just” home cooks. A must read for all home cooks.
  • This is one food-related wedding trend that I can get behind: Donut Walls at Weddings. There is something so fun and collaborative about large-scale food experiences at weddings. Whether it’s the candy tables from a couple years ago, or this new donut-wall trend, I think every wedding should have some sort of food-related spectacle. And personally, since I have a strong love for donuts, this may be something I need to consider for the future!

Bookish News

  • Remember in the movie version of Under the Tuscan Sun when Frances (Diane Lane) is at the book launch party for one of her students, and she is approached by an author whose book she gave a not-so-nice review to? His book had been written as if he were fulfilling some middle aged fantasy where every woman loved him or something, and he seemed like a general sleeze-ball? Yeah, that is what I thought about when I read this article: Why Can’t Male Writers Write Female Characters?
  • I have been in pursuit for a good local book club/reading group for years, but all of them in my area are populated with people whose idea of a good book is Fifty Shades of Grey (I’m not knocking it, to each their own, it’s just not my idea of a worth-while read). If/when I do eventually find my perfect reading group, I think we should start with these suggestions: Fifteen Nonfiction Book Club Picks That Are Sure To Launch Enlightening Discussions With Your Reading Group

Travel News

  • Joe and I are still discussing our summer travel plans, and since he’s doing a local architecture internship, we don’t think we’ll have much time for travelling besides the weekends. This list will be the first place I look for some local ideas: The Seven Best Weekend Destinations in the U.S.
  • I think this article would work as part of either the Food or Travel News section, but either way, it’s an interesting read: Ten Eating Rules From Other Countries That Americans Don’t Learn. Are there any other eating “rules” that you think should be added to this list?

Life News

  • We moved into a rental house last year with an actual backyard, so for the first time since we’ve been living together, Joe and I are planning out a garden! I’m over the moon excited thinking about all of the things we can plant in our new space, and this article will be something important to keep in mind: A Guide to Companion Planting.
  • I just finished binge-listening to Young House Love Has a Podcast — every episode from 1 through 90+ — and I’m finally starting to understand my personal home decorating style (p.s. if you haven’t listened yet, and are into home stuff/DIY at all you need to be listening!). This new line of home décor items from Target would be the perfect addition to any room in my ultimate dream home: A Peek at Target’s New Home Collection.

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